Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Angela Jane Presents:

Flash back 3 years ago, on Summer hike out with Little Bear, in the Shasta-Trinity Mountains.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Exploring Cities for Stories


Goal: Photo of Critter

In my mind, driving through Forest Grove, OR is this trips beginning.  I pull over at the North Plains, OR gas station (next to Hwy 26) for fill up and a cup of coffee to go.  By the way, I think this is a good coffee stop.
  I decided to change and adjust this days main plan, due to a rain check (I think) of the other photographer "got busy with another project calling."  So having  my two mascots as part of todays Road Trip Crew with me, and Cloe being the hound mix,  I figured we needed to find a fox to hunt.

Found area signs of and took action to wave my arms at the front door camera. "I wonder if anyone checks security cameras.  Who does?"
Zooming in on this sign by the walking path next to the building states (No Dog Walk "possible coyote den")  Seems to be an unfriendly area for newshounds searching for a real fox.

I hear nature calls in the form of a short whine from Little Bear sitting in the back seat.  I need to go too (from the coffee I had earlier).  Pulling up by Central Park by the Orenco neighborhood in Hillsboro, OR hoping for best relief.

 Both Dogs went #1 and #2, No people restrooms anywhere, so I loaded up and hit the airport.

Had to explore & discovered stairs leading up to a reflection of me taking a photo opportunity.  I did.  Now this completes my road trip for exploring for stories and besides, I needed a little drive with...my dogs.  Todays main goal is to get a photo of a critter at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands, and I did.

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