Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Welcome To Handcrafted & Handspun by Angela Jane Howard, Outdoor Adventure Newsletter.

Trinity-Shasta Wilderness
Hello and welcome to everyone who loves to be outdoors, and also those who do take the time to camp, fish, and hunt.  Smile to those of you, who enjoy keeping up your gardens through all seasons. A thumbs up for all of you who  walk with your dog(s) in all kinds of weather when nature calls.   To us sharing these moments of life, hanging out at home and by the fire.  To everyone working together or with themselves, creatively crafting works.   Thanks to a visit, a helping hand giving by self, the company that happens by, everyone each living and being at home, with this world, we all share.

I  hand spin wool fiber from sheep, into yarn and make custom warm wool hats for helping to keep warm when it is cold.  What I do with mine is pull the fold down over both eyes to keep the morning light out and go back to sleep in the warm sleeping bag.  I love to wake up in the mountains cool morning.  I love the suns heat to warm me up after the dawns lights up the sky.


Where is the best place you like to camp?

I loved camping on North Dome looking out at Half Dome(CA)  Even though it has been a long time since my field biology with Mr. Roland Carlson class back in 1988.
-Angela Jane Howard
Photography field reporter