Monday, March 15, 2010

Angela Jane, Sheep Farm Helper...Shots And Hoof Clipping @ Dolce Farm Year 2010

Angela Jane Howard sheep farm helper...shots and hoof clipping @ Dolce Farm and Orchards.
I want to Thank:
  • Karen of Bide a wee farm for showing me how to sit down a sheep vea stuffed prop.
  • Eddie of Dunham shearing for showing me how to properly picking up and throw a fleece onto a skirting table plus the tid-bits of helpful information to my many questions.
  • Annie of Dolce Farm for letting me practice on and with her sheep.
  • Katie Orr of Critter Hollar Ranch for her laughter and smile watching me fumble a time or two holding onto the live moving sheep who seem to not want to work with my ideas right away.
Angela Jane Howard....reporting.
Photo by Annie of Dolce Farm.

(1st published on 3/15/10)

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